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Our family of distributors is wide and each time it is designed considering the type and color of glass, the overall pull, the pull fluctuations, the range of temperature and the layout of forming lines

According to the above parameters the superstructure is designed by combining heating and/or cooling in order to ensure the due temperatures and thermal homogeneity. The glass channel is dimensioned with variable width and depth in accordance to pull.

We can provide our distributor with direct or indirect cooling systems. The choice of designer is made in function of glass type and in function of heat removal rapidity.

The direct coloring is used with standard soda lime glass (flint or colored) when the geometry of the distributor and the available space require rapid heat removal.
We use two systems:

    • Direct Radiation Cooling. It is used mainly in throat area and/or in the adjacent zones. The superstructure is provided with movable dampers which can be opened modulating the heat exchange rate. Opening can be manual or by electric actuators.


  • Direct Axial Jet Cooling. It is used mainly in normal cooling zones. An axial flow of air is directly blown from the superstructure in the middle axle of the channel. The superstructure is designed with special flaps which ensure side separation between the side layers and the central stream of glass.

The indirect coloring is used with reduced glass when the combustion atmosphere is kept under stoichiometric values. In such conditions the presence of additional air from direct cooling or from opening the superstructure dampers could oxidize the glass and modify the color and characteristics of it. we use two systems:

    • Indirect Superstructure cooling. The cooling air is blown axially inside a longitudinal duct embedded in the special superstructure over the channel. As a result the glass heat radiation towards the roof is enhanced and the glass temperature is reduced. The number of axial ducts and the relevant sizing Is designed in function of operating conditions


  • Indirect Bottom cooling. The cooling air is blown in a channel located under the channel tank in the mid line. The cooling is carried out reducing the wall temperature of the channel. This system is typically used in wide distributors.

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