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NOx generation is connected to the ratio between the preheated Air and Fuel in the flame mixing zone, right in front of the port and lances

The higher is the intimate mixing between combustive air and fuel, the higher is the peak of flame temperature and consequently the NOx generation by Thermal Mechanisms.

The task of the OXY-SWING Injectors is to allow maintaining a “Fuel Rich” combustion zone in front of the burner, where the maximum flame temperature is reached, and inject Oxygen (O2 purity 90% to 99%) before the exhaust port completing the combustion of the unburnt fuel and CO mixture inside the furnace.

This technology enable to reduce the NOx emissions without compromising the thermal efficiency of the furnace neither increasing the CO contents in fumes.

Furnace Area 60 m2
NG flow rate 1.000 Nm3/h approx
AIR temperature 1.000 °C approx
O2 flow rate 100 Nm3/h approx
NOx before implementation 1040 mg/Nm3
NOx after implementation 730 mg/Nm3
NOx reduction -30%

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