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The endless screw type charging machine is a machine especially conceived for flexible processes of small to medium capacity

The main characteristic of this machine is the possibility to work in semi-continuous way. In fact the machine can be programmed to work with the screw inside the dog house discharging constantly the raw material, but also it can be withdrawn in order to enable the furnace idling without problems.

Another interesting characteristic is the possibility to work either in continuous processes and in non-continuous melting processes (for example, the day tank furnace).

The machine can be installed without the dog house, outside the charging hose with a fixed structure on which travels a movable carriage holding the endless screw system.

An automatic door system is synchronized with the screw movement in order to open/close the inlet hose sealed. Such particular characteristic allows to this charger to be installed also with Oxy-fuel systems as the combustion chamber is sealed from the external environment and no parasite air is sucked accidentally.

The machine is easily interfaced with the glass level measuring system and is controlled through its local control board (in case of stand-alone supply) or controlled directly from the instrumentation integrated in the furnace control room.

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