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The bubbling system is a simple and reliable device used to enhance the pull performances of a glass melting tank keeping the glass quality high

The linear row of bubblers is usually installed between melting and refining zones of the tank.

The influence of bubbles on glass is very strong as the carry-over effect helps the gas refining process to be completed more rapidly and effectively.

Our bubbling system is optimized and perfectly integrated with the furnace design especially to avoid unexpected wear of bottom sidewall refractories.

The bubbler is made of special refractory steel and is designed with water jacket system (tube-in-tube design) which enable a suitable cooling of the hot edge.

Each bubbler is installed inside a special block with calibrated hole in the furnace bottom.

The control panel is made of separate feeding and regulating lines fully skid mounted and piped up. The main line is provided with filter, main isolating valve and pressure governor and delivers the compressed air at stabilized pressure to each bubbling line.
Each line is provided of manual isolating valve, manual needle valve, air flow meter and bypass for correct dosing of the air.

The standard supply includes:

  • n. 1 Compressed air rack with suitable number of controlled lines
  • n. 1 set of Water cooled bubblers L = 1000 mm
  • n. 1 Sets of brackets and accessories for bubbler installation
  • n. 1 Cooling water flow monitoring tank with separate water inlet and outlet plugs each supplied with water flow switch.

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