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by relying on our strong technical expertise, know-how, and our attitude of curiosity which invites us to observe, explore, and grow while working, we can imagine unconventional solutions or developing ideas capable of anticipating market trends

Our approach to a new project of glass plant engineering is avant-garde (we work with the latest 3D design technologies) and integrated ( because the lack of interdisciplinary coordination is often a cause for project delays, cost overruns, and claims).   The technical and engineering crew of Falorni Tech doesn’t only design a turnkey plant or a process line but, further to customer requirement, it can give consultancy referring to glassmaking technical features and applications for a special glass product or production.

The main services provided to the glass industry are:

  • Glass Plant engineering Full engineering service to study and define the solutions corresponding to the specific needs of every single Customer with 2D and 3D layouts.
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
  • Turn-key projects 
  • Engineering for ad hoc solutions 
  • Pre-feasibility study and consultancy for greenfield or brownfield project for public or private sector 
  • Full service for furnace installation, start-up, preheating.
  • Furnace rebuilding, renovating service, oxy conversion, refurbishment of existing batch plants.
  • Glass defects analysis, batching analysis, raw materials analysis
  • Technical assistance  (assistance to the analysis of the composition, assistance to the definition of the recipe)
  • Supervision for construction of refractory materials and foe mechanical engineering and plant engineering
  • Supervision for preheating and at startup
  • Training on-site
  • Production support 

The support of the team of Falorni Tech is complete, competent, and capable to respond to any request in the field of glassmaking. The approach adopted is called ” Opportunity Engineering”

During this exploratory phase, we propose to evaluate the feasible project path and to find ways of selecting only those where the engineering can have a chance to capture advantages and slice out disadvantages.

From our experience, each commercial opportunity must be carried on and not left behind because even the weaker request with apparently not a very solid base could potentially turn into real project execution and realization. Listening to questions, understanding problems, processing data, analyzing frameworks, and fulfilling needs, are the leading inspirations moving our salespeople and engineers when facing new projects and interacting with potential customers.

Side view of complete glass industry

3D Side view of container glass plant