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Falorni TECH Air/Gas reversal systems are double sliding door changeover valve type…

… suitable to be installed at the waste gas / combustion air inlet duct in the lower part of regenerator.

All furnace size are available from 50 tpd up to 350 tpd.

The valves are designed to switch the combustion air and the exhaust gas and can be used up to a waste temperature of 700°C.

All parts exposed to the heat are manufactured with high temperature resistant material and the gas passage area is designed in order to assure the minimum pressure drop.

The changeover valve is built in two units each to be installed in the relevant waste channel duct. Each unit is composed of a metallic frame embedded in the refractory masonry of the duct. The sliding door is machined in order to fit with the holding frame thus ensuring sealing and avoid air/gas leakages.

The flow is switched by means of a high temperature resistant cast iron sliding door. The door movement is vertical and driven by a reversible electric gear motor. Both doors are mechanically connected by means of a heavy-duty chain in order to ensure parallel simultaneous opposite movement to the doors. In this way, when one door is opening (moving up) the other door is closing (moving down).

The main features are:

  • High temperature resistant material
  • Extended lifespan
  • High reliability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Possibility to operate manually

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