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Natural Gas is the most common fuel used by the glass industry worldwide…

… as it is available in large areas of the world, it is clean and does not require any storage in the plant.

Our Natural Gas combustion systems are designed and manufactured in order to fit with the characteristics of the furnace (regenerative or recuperative) and with the melting process in function of glass (soda-lime, crystalline, borosilicate, etc.).

The NG input pressure at the skid can be from 1 to 2 bar typically. Different pressures are accepted.

Skids are manufactured with components made by first-class suppliers and designed to perform the easy operation and easy maintenance with by-pass lines always responding to safety criteria.

The fluids are controlled and modulated continuously keeping stable Air to Gas ratio at any furnace load thus ensuring flame stability and better efficiency.

Additional features are temperature and pressure compensation systems for higher precision and the option to measure on line the Natural Gas Calorific Power with the possibility to compensate the fluctuations directly by the control system.

Our combustion skids include:

  • Filtering and gas governor section
  • Safety section
  • Flow measuring and control section
  • Gas Reversal section (regenerative furnace)

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