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The controllers provided by Falorni TECH are designed using the latest state-of-the-art tools and components in order to respond to the highest quality standards

Tailored control architectures are developed depending on furnace Melting End and Working End configuration and to process characteristics.

Our controllers are based on PLCs only from primary global manufacturers (i.e. Siemens, Schneider, Omron, etc.) in order to guarantee to the Customers reliable solutions, site assistance, spare part availability and interchangeability.

All field data are measured and elaborated by the furnace control system which enable the complete parametrization and management of process.

In a typical melting furnace the controller will manage

  • Melting end furnace temperatures Crown and bottom
  • Melting end video camera
  • Hot air temperatures
  • Melting end air –gas ratio
  • Melting end reversal system
  • Melting end combustion pressure
  • Waste gas draught system
  • Glass level system and batch charging machine
  • Electric booster management (throat, melting, barrier, etc.)
  • Distributor zones temperatures
  • All Forehearths zones temperatures
  • Air pressure for the all systems through electronic
    pressure switcher
  • Cooling system for the melting end
  • Cooling system for the working end

The communication system is made with Ethernet networks assembled as a redundant ring in order to guarantee the continuous functionality of all the plant .

The Ethernet network will communicate amongst the others PLCs located in the remote control and the touch screen videos.

All controllers are realized in modular steel cabinets with front and/or rear access for easy maintenance and are completely wired and tested before shipping for easy and fast site installation.

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