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At the heart of everything we do are our company values

We make innovation a goal. Our approach allows us to create new solutions and more efficient processes, delivering better services to our customers while growing with new markets.

Quality defines our engineering, our plants, our furnaces.

Customer loyalty
Our customers know that actions speak louder than words: because of that we make promises only if we can keep, we prefer long-term relationships, we listen to our customers, we keep customers satisfied. This is the basic entry point for a good business to start with.

Our priority is to safeguard the interests of our Customers. We deal fairly, honestly, and in good faith with clients, business partners, the public, our competitors, third-party service providers, and each other. We keep confidential any information concerning customers, partners, and projects.

As an industry-leading provider of high-value technical and management solutions, we are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment everywhere we are.

Protecting the environment is one value that can easily become part of our business. Eco-innovation is about reducing our environmental impact and making better use of resources: this means developing products, techniques, services, and processes that reduce NOx pollution, use resources efficiently, promote glass recycling, and so on.