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The process engineering intends to elaborate the detailed process technology…

… to be adopted in the plant starting from the specifications received from the Customer such as production capacity, job organization, quality requirements, cost target, etc.

During this phase we analyze and integrate all the technologies required for the completion of the process by selecting the most suitable and harmonizing them with each other in order to delineate the technological structure of the production line from the reception of raw materials up to the packaging and shipping of the final product.

All the most established suppliers of technical parts are involved in this phase (refractory suppliers, cold end lines, forming machines, annealing lehrs, quality inspection, etc.). No compromise is accepted with regards to quality of equipment and reliability of the process.

During the entire Process Engineering design phase we make use of updated 3D software which generates a provisional overview of the process and of the plant enabling our team to analyze realistic conditions and identify critical issues in advance.

The output of this phase are:

  • General Layout of process line
  • Detailed design of process equipment
  • BOM (Bill of materials) for all equipment and instrumentation
  • Technical specifications