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The essence of mastery in one’s field is our way to glass engineering and design

Expertise, experience, and know-how in glass technology as well as in the production process of glass are the most important competitive advantage for any business technical expert in the glass industry.  Undoubtedly, going with a reliable partner may allow a project to expand into a more dynamic approach. Falorni Tech in house engineering division provides tailored design, simulation, layout, utility and process engineering, and FEED for the container glass industry as well as for any other field such as fiberglass, pharma glass production, tableware, etc.

Different types of engineering services can be provided depending on project organization and the related progress status.

basic engineering and detailed engineering


At the first stages, when Basic Engineering is getting started, all the aspects that will determine the project course are taken into account considering the viability of the project; however, the details of these aspects will determine the functionality of the process and the satisfaction of the end-user.

The Basic Engineering is based on unproven data and shall be approved by the Customer. It is the cornerstone of the entire project as a Basic Engineering good execution leads to the definition of Detailed Engineering. and to all the next phases.

Basic Engineering involves the establishment of the basic technical concepts, criteria, and standards to be used for the typical project development considering parameters such as the performance of the glass plant with regards to the production, the process and equipment to be used, allowances for future additions or expansions, the degree of mechanization and automation to be used in the plant, etc.

The Basic Engineering defines the preliminary design of the entire plant with all the process buildings and all other buildings and areas involved, the general specifications of the equipment and materials, the technologies involved, the land definition, the overall requirements of the plants in terms of energy, fluids, and gases, etc.


Detailed Engineering constitutes the most important feature in the development of what initially was only a possibility and an idea and which, at this stage of development, has turned into something tangible and real. When the development of the Detailed Engineering starts, all the preliminary data that helps the definition of the fine details and final aspects of the project are available from the Basic Engineering. Once these aspects have been analyzed, the project will be subjected to a filter whose intention is to polish the details that could be considered a weak point in its execution.

Within Detailed Engineering there are very specific specialties that must be developed and integrated to achieve a single product. In this stage, the necessary information will be developed so that qualities and types of criteria for the construction stage can be determined.

Calculation reports, technical descriptions of qualities, the scope of each discipline, and concepts of each discipline will be made, employing specialized personnel in their area according to the work program.



The process engineering and the utility engineering


The process engineering intends to elaborate on the detailed process technology to be adopted in the plant.

During this phase, all the technologies required for the completion of the process are analyzed and integrates by selecting the most suitable one and harmonizing them with each other in order to delineate the technological structure of the production line from the reception of raw materials up to the packaging and shipping of the final products.

All the most established suppliers of technical parts are involved in this phase (refractory suppliers, cold end lines, forming machines, annealing lehrs, quality inspection, etc.). No compromise is accepted with regards to the quality of equipment and reliability of the process.

During the entire Process Engineering design phase we make use of updated 3D software which generates a provisional overview of the process and of the plant enabling our team to analyze realistic conditions and identify critical issues in advance.

The output of this phase are:

  • General Layout of the process line
  • Detailed design of process equipment
  • BOM (Bill of materials) for all equipment and instrumentation
  • Technical specifications


Our expert team of technicians analyzes all the engineering issues related to the supply of fuel, the storage of liquids, the generation and distribution of electricity throughout the factory, the dimensioning and system design for the compressed air system, the treatment of demineralized water for all the utilities to be cooled, etc.

During this phase of design, our engineers utilize 3D design software and are fully interfaced with the building engineers of the Customer in order to define all interfaces between the factory building with the process equipment and utilities.