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The tube bundle type recuperator is made of three main parts:

  • Tube bundle assembly
  • Outer shell
  • Insulation

Due to its oversize this recuperator can be supplied in separate pieces to be installed on site.

The tube bundle is made of parallel tubes disposed in circular configuration in which the combustion air flows inside. The tubes are connected at their and with two annular air collectors (upper and lower) where the air is blown from the main combustion fans and then delivered to the burners. The inner side of tube is provided with air swirling system that enhance the turbulence and heat exchange capabilities.

The hot waste gases flow in the centre of the tube assembly in parallel with the air. The entire tube bundle is installed within the external casing which is insulated by a thick layer of insulating material. The expansion can be upward with spring system or downward by gravity, in function of overall size of recuperator and other engineering characteristics.

The recuperator is provided with temperature detecting system located in the most critical positions that are used to monitor the effective working conditions.

The tube bundle and the air boxes are realized in high alloyed stainless steel of different grade in function of max operating temperature while the external casing is made in standard carbon steel. The refractory materials are selected according to working conditions and fumes characteristics.

Depending on configuration (single stage or double stage) these recuperators can preheat air in a range between 700°C up to 850°C.

The main features are:

  • Up to 850°C in double stage configuration
  • High high alloyed stainless steelconstruction
  • Extended lifespan
  • High reliability
  • Easy maintenance

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