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The stirring mechanism are used for different applications in glass production

The first main application is in conditioning forehearths where it is installed before the spout bowl and used for the homogenization of the glass temperature.

The second application is in coloring forehearths where it is installed after the frit input and used to mix the glass with the coloring agent.

The third application is in gathering bays where it is used to generate a swirling current of glass which enhance the glass quality of the gathering process.

Depending on application, channel size and process features, two kinds of refractory propellers can be used, the paddle type or the screw type. In some case a combination of both is also used.

The mechanic system is conceived for the installation on most of the forehearths. The system allows to lift up and down the propellers by means of a manual or motorized winch.

Moreover, in case of maintenance, the complete mechanism can be withdrawn from the forehearth superstructure on the channel side making easier the replacement of the screw as well as any other maintenance operation.

The features of our stirring systems are:

  • From 1 up to 4 spindles in the same mechanism
  • Supporting structure made in welded carbon steel with heat resistant painting fixed on the main forehearth casing
  • Horizontal bridge structure holding the spindles mechanism travels vertically on rails. The bridge structure can be moved on the channel side for better maintenance
  • Spindle rotating mechanism is provided of special heat resistant bearings with integrated lubricating circuit and cooling system by compressed air
  • Rotating of the stirrers provided by one electric motor with gearbox and chain transmission system
  • Fixing system of each refractory stirrer made of a suitable coupling designed in accordance with the stirrer
  • Manual or electric lifting mechanism of the spindle supporting frame
  • Manual moving system of the spindle supporting frame
  • Electric board with main local commands for machine operation
  • Inverter for spindle speed adjustment

Tailored solutions are also available on demand.

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