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The oscillating tray type charger is the basic model of the family of batch chargers proposed by FALORNI TECH

Its main feature is the simplicity.

This batch charger it is used all small/medium size flexible continuous furnaces. The main feature is to be installed on a wheeled sliding system which enable machine withdrawal from working position once the furnace is idling or for maintenance. The furnace is interfaced with the furnace dog house which is typically trapezoidal or rectangular shape.

The batch is stored on top of the charger inside the furnace silos and the batch hopper. Underneath the oscillating channel moves with oscillating movement thus generating the combined effect to discharge the batch from hopper and then to push it inside the dog house.

The channel is made in stainless steel with water box provided of water cooled circuit.
The machine basement is electro-welded steel with all main moving parts are provided of accident-prevention grids for operator’s safety. The whole machine is seated on four steel wheels on rails.

The oscillating movement is generated by one electric motor 220VAC coupled with gear reduction box and by suitable leverages.


Machine seize : subject to engineering
Weight: approx. 200 – 300 kg
Electric supply: 380 V three phase 50/60 Hz
Charging capacity: 5 – 50 tpd
Type of batch: Raw material and glass cullet
Size of cullet Max 40 mm
Water cooling requirement 30 lt/h @ 2 bar input pressure
Softened industrial water

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