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FALORNI TECH has designed and realized a performing but simple and reliable frit dosing system…

… suitable to operate under the severe conditions in the glass factories.

The system is used to weight continuously in a wide range of mass flow rate any kind of frit (laminar, globular, concentrate, etc.) used to color the glass in forehearth. The weighing system is based on a high precision scale on which a continuous feeding device (modulating vibrating channel tray or brushless motorized belt) is used to extract the material from a weighing hopper. A PLC calculates in real time the amount of material delivered therefore adjusting the extraction speed continuously.

The frit can be delivered to the forehearth through pneumatic transport system or by mechanical vibrating tray, depending on customer choice and layout.

Depending on application, forehearth pull rate, type of production etc. the system can be provided of single or double dosing system. The double system allows to mix together two frits at the same time without need to premix them separately.

Tailored solutions are available in order to enhance at the maximum level the flexibility of the colorant forehearth and achieve the higher efficiency.

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