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When heating glass in a melting furnace, the mean to optimize the process and to achieve best efficiency is the flame generated through the burner



The burner is the ultimate device of the combustion plant which transfers the energy to glass and propels all the glass melting process. The power alone is nothing without the suitable control of flame in all senses. The same melting furnace equipped with different burners can achieve different performances in terms of consumption, emission, and glass quality. The same burner installed on each type of glass melting furnace produces different results.

FALORNI Tech provides the right burner for each type of glass melting furnace and for any glass melting process. Our burners are designed in full integration with the combustion system and the furnace geometry.

All our burners can fire any type of fuel depending on availability (NG, LPG, Propane, HFO, LFO).

Our range includes also Oxy-fuel burners.

burners for glass melting