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Glass stability is one of the “must” of the glass making process

Together with the glass temperature, the glass level is the main variable to be kept unchanged all the time.

Our glass level system is extremely simple, precise, reliable, and economic. The system is provided with a glass contact probe with a platinum tip.

Glass Level control with platinum tip


The system is composed by:

  • The main mechanism, which ensures the vertical oscillating motion of the probe, as far as the contact with the melted glass surface is concerned
  • The probe, made in steel and provided of water cooling, complete of platinum tip
  • The control panel, which manages the signal coming from the probe
  • The machine’s air cooling system

The mechanism is conceived to operate in heavy-duty conditions (high temperature and dirty environment) without problems and is practically maintenance-free. The probe can be replaced easily and is tailored to the design of the furnace where it is installed.

The installation is simple and can be adapted to any part of the furnace (channel, distributor, gathering bays, etc.). The main oscillating mechanism is air-cooled in order to reduce thermal stress.

The glass level controller can be supplied stand-alone type, in case of retrofit on an existing furnace, or can be embedded in the main furnace controller.

One encoder measures and records the exact position of the glass level for a higher control precision of the glass level. The glass level controller detects the difference between the actual level and the set value sending a proportional signal of 4-20 mA which increases or decreases the speed of the charging machine.

The operator can set all the operating parameters of the level mechanism in order to achieve always the best operating conditions and accuracy.


Oscillating motor power 0,25 kW
Cooling air fan motor 0,50 kW
Dimensions of the machine 700 x 400 x 600h
Length of the water-cooled probe 1 to 2 m
Total weight of the machine 70 kg



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