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Study & Feasibility

With the preliminary study the project is analyzed…

… with the aim to reveal all the positive and negative issues of the investment, no matter it is a green field project, a partial rebuilding or the expansion project of an existing plant.

All evaluations are carried out utilizing the environmental parameters available from the Customer, gathered from the field and from our historical background. A comparison among alternative technologies is carried out in order to find out the technical solution more suitable to attain the project target both from practical and economic point of view.

As a result of this preliminary study the Customer receives one objective tool to evaluate the investment with the guidelines for the technical development and project implementation.

With the preliminary study we explore all the critical factors of the project and we identify the privileged guidelines analyzing:

  • Raw material availability and cost
  • Melting technologies comparison
  • Environmental factors (energy cost, fuel cost, availability of resources, etc.)
  • Human factors (manpower cost and skillness of personnel)
  • Production cost analysis
  • Payback
  • Project schedule

Each Preliminary Study is tailored to the needs of the Customer and to the project target.