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Scoop Type

This Batch charging machine features SEALED DOG HOUSE design in order to be installed outside the dog house, seated on top of the sidewall blocks

The charging machine is made of one main fixed frame holding the main scooping unit.

Two versions of this type of charging machine are available:

  • A. Fixed scooping unit
  • B. Pivoting scooping unit

While the type A. is used in medium size tanks with single dog house, the B. type is mainly used with high capacity furnaces with twin dog house system.

The main structure features water cooled shield to protect the bottom side of the machine from overheating

The Pivoting scooping unit is composed by one feeding hopper and one water cooled pusher with alternating movement powered by electric gear motor system driven by inverter. The hopper is provided of min / max level system.

The mechanism for pivoting the scoop unit is adjustable in order to have multiple charging positions and angles.

The water cooling circuit with inlet/outlet hose are for each circuit is provided of water flow switch to detect presence of water.

The pusher motor speed is driven by one inverter which receives a proportional signal coming from the glass level measuring system (glass level is not included).

The machine assembly is designed in order to be easily withdrawn for maintenance by means of a system of rails and manual hoisting to be installed under the batch silos.

The machine is supplied with electric connecting box for field wiring and without control board (offered upon request as optional). The machine control shall be provided by the customer or can be integrated with the existing furnace controller. Falorni Tech supplies a detailed electric wiring scheme in order to enable the customer to design and develop the control system.


Type of raw material Premixed mixture of raw materials suitable for glass melting with max moisture 2 – 3 % and added with crushed cullet (max cullet 70%)
Scooping motor power 2,2 kW
Pivoting motor power 0,8 kW
Water consumption 60 – 80 lt./min
Pressure 2 – 4 bar
Type of water Industrial demineralized
Max cullet size max. 20 mm
Charging capacity 200 ton/day

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