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FLEX-COND by Falorni Tech

The Flexible Conditioning System for NNPB process (Narrow Neck Press & Blow) developed by Falorni Tech 


The FLEX-COND conditioning system by FALORNI TECH is a unique design concept born in the early 2010s to meet specifically the strict requirements of NNPB (Narrow Neck Press & Blow) process in container glass production.

When the glass reaches the forehearth entrance, the sole task of the forehearth itself is to transfer the glass to the spout entrance granting the most homogeneous temperature possible. As every glass maker knows, the matter is to determine the suitable energy setting along the forehearth which can grant the most efficient balance among Forced heat supply (combustion), Natural heat losses and Forced heat losses (cooling). Being the forehearth of fixed geometry (length, width and zone arrangement cannot be modified) the only solution is to modify the combination of these three energy contribution.

FLEX-COND is a system that allows to manage the superstructure heating/cooling geometry of the channel and makes it possible the synchronized effect of the combustion and the cooling functions. The operator can “drive” the glass temperature profile by reading the 9-points grid temperatures and then adjusting, easily and without particular setting, the forehearth zoning up to the achievement of the due performance.  FLEX-COND, or Flexible Conditioning, is exactly this concept: finding easily and quickly the forehearth setup within any pull range of the channel, in function of number of cavity and gob weight.

FLEX-COND channels can process any kind of oxidized or reduced glass (Flint, Green, Amber, Dead Leaf, etc.) without any particular forehearth setting and granting the highest level of THI (higher than 98% for flint glass).

FLEX-COND is not only one concept focused in refractory structure design of the forehearth but it is an integration of technologies which together contribute to the overall performance of the conditioning system.

Main benefits of FLEX-COND are:
✔ Thermal homogeneity index higher than 98%
✔ Flexible and quick setting of heating and cooling functions in any zone
✔ Suitable for any channel size and pull
✔ Optimal for any type of glass production (clear, flint, reduced or oxidized)
✔ Field Tested

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