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To meet the objectives of evolution and innovation in combustion technology the system requires stable, uniform, and complete combustion. The combustion plays a crucial role in the right concept and a rigorous design path of FLEX-COND, which embeds integrated solutions that contribute to the overall performance of the glass conditioning system.

In the forehearth temperature control process, the key elements to be kept under full control are basically two:

  • The ratio between the air and the gas during the whole working range of each combustion zone
  • The temperature stability during the time

Falorni Tech has developed his AQRatio system by means of the experience gained operating the FLEX-COND glass conditioning technology in the field. FLEX-COND has been conceived having in mind the most accurate glass temperature homogeneity regulation in a forehearth in order to produce NNPB container glass with no compromise to the operating flexibility of the same forehearth. So far, AQRatio has been expressively developed thinking to its integration with these strict requirements, not only for NNPB in container glass process but for any other high performance forming process including multi gob press systems or Press-Blow systems for tableware production.

As a matter of this, it can be said that AQRatio and FLEX-COND are two sides of the same coin as they are so strictly connected that they cannot stand one without the other.

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