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Falorni TECH will attend the 41 Asean Glass Conference 

Falorni TECH will attend the 41 Asean Glass Conference, one of the most active annual industrial conferences in glass industry organized by the ASEAN Federation of Glass Manufacturers (AFGM). This year the conference is hosted by the Vietnam Glass Association (Vieglass). The “41st ASEAN Glass Conference” with theme “Glass in digital era” is going to be held at the Furama Danang resort Da Nang – Vietnam during the period of 9-12 October 2017.

“Asia Pacific glass market is projected to reach US$612.7 million by 2020  and the highest demand for container glass is found in the Asia-Pacific region, including China with 37 per cent of world demand” said Simone Scarselli, Sales Manager of Falorni Group ” There are some promising developments  for our company in the Asia Pacific Region and we believe that the networking is a really valuable way to expand our knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about our business.  For the first time we attend the Conference: we decide to take part at the ASEAN Glass Conference because it represent a formidable opportunity to reach the right market and it represent one of preferred  platform for new business exchange and technology. We already planned to back in the Area in early 2018 because in this part of the market Falorni TECH is constantly expanding.”