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Glassworldwide- March/April

Energy savings, lower emissions and environmental impact are critical factors for the industry  which want to improve their competitiveness. Analyzing these new challenges, Falorni TECH has focused its mission on helping glass producers to mantain their competitiveness and at the same time, complying with enviromental law- restriction. Falorni TECH has recently finalized a contract with Grupo Pavisa, the Mexican leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high quality container glass, to supply an up-to-date Oxygen-Gas furnace suitable to produce soda lime glass according to strict Customer’s requirements. With this project the challenge of Falorni TECH is to set new performance standards in terms of operation flexibility, low consumption and low emission levels as well as to enhance the production standards of the Customer which are recognized as the highest in the market. The furnace will be installed in the plant of Mexico City and will be designed using the most advanced design tools and predictive mathematical modeling. “Naturally we are delighted that such qualified Customer like Grupo Pavisa chose Falorni TECH as partner for this project “said Andrea Zucconi, Commercial Director of Falorni TECH “We’re looking forward to a long and productive relationship with them”.


 Photo (taken from the right):

Mr. Andrea Zucconi – Commercial Director of Falorni TECH

Mr. Alonso Gonzalez R. – Director of Operations of Grupo Pavisa

Mr. Enrique Solórzano S. – Gerente Tecnología de Vidrio of Grupo Pavisa

Mr. Fernando Rosas T. – Ontal Rapresentaciones