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It opens today in Madrid the #UN Climate Change Conference.

#COP25 which will take the next crucial steps in the UN climate change process.

Taking inspiration from this crucial event requiring that everyone has a role to play in effectively implementing the Paris Agreement, we cannot avoid discussing about the major environmental impact of glass production caused by atmospheric emissions from melting activities.

NOx is the most complex problem faced in glass industry in the environmental field.  It will be the biggest challenge to face in the future both for advanced countries and (later on ) for countries in development. There’s no direct and unique solution to face this problem so that glass makers and engineering /technological company are investing big effort to find simpler and less impacting solutions for the management of this issue. The reduction of nitrogen oxides is the biggest challenge of the future in the environmental performances. Technical choices depend on status/arrangement of plant, applicable technologies, emission limits required.

Falorni Tech OXY-FUEL furnace proposed by Falorni Tech is the best solution for NOx reduction and ideal alternative to conventional air-Fuel melting furnaces and the most requested solution from the glass makers who wants to adapt their productions to the environment and consumers needs.

Don’t hesitate to ask us an audit on your glass melting furnace‘s performances.


LOW NOx Technology