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Thanks to “Exportiamo”, a considerable web portal dedicated to Made in Italy, for the interview to Mr. Riccardo Scarselli, General Manager of Gianfranco Falorni Srl.

The interview focuses on the history of the company since the beginning, when it was a retailer of refractories to the present day, with the 2 divisions of the company: one for the Artistic Glass (Falorni Glass Furnaces) and the industrial division (Falorni TECH), highly specialized in solutions for the hollow glass industry. In addiction to melting furnaces, Falorni TECH provides turnkey glass plant, all ancillary equipment, engineering and project management. There is also talk about the internationalization process, the challenges and the strategies related to. Nowadays, Falorni Gianfranco Srl is one of the most well knowed supplier for the glass industry: its melting furnaces and solutions gone so far as to Maldives!

Link to full interview (in italian):