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Recovering heat from the furnace with the customization of the heat recuperator 

Our workshop is carrying out the construction of a Metallic Heat Recuperator System for a new Recuperative Furnace of medium capacity to be installed in Turkey.

Although this type of furnace cannot achieve the same efficiency in terms of fuel consumption compared to a regenerative furnace, specialists know that they still are the “workhorse” in manual and semi-automatic glass plants with low/medium scale production. The recuperative furnace requires low CAPEX and provides high operating flexibility, easy operation, and low maintenance.

This Recuperator System is configured in a double stage (hot stage and cold stage). Each recuperator is a double shell type designed specifically and exclusively for the Turkish Customer, being tailored to the furnace design supplied by Falorni Tech to produce high-quality clear glass with a highly flexible rate. Structurally, the inner shell (hot) and outer shell (cold) difference of dilation is compensated by an integrated expansion joint which guarantees perfect air sealing. The whole structure is completely insulated by rock wool and lined with aluminum sheet cladding which allows minimizing the parasite heat losses. The system is designed and built to make self-cleaning in case of fouling and is provided of safety devices to prevent structural failure in case of accidental shut-off of electric power (combustion fans not in operation). This type of Recuperator System is installed on top of the chimney and supported by an external holding structure which enables fast installation and replacement. Our recuperators are designed using 3D modeling and exploiting the long experience gathered in building and operating this kind of furnace in the past 30 years (more than 100 units installed).

Falorni Tech provides a complete range of metallic recuperators with different technologies: double shell for hot air temperature up to 500 – 550 ° or tube bundle for hot air temperature up to 650-750°.

The main benefits of our recuperator are:

  • Safe and easy operation
  • Low CAPEX
  • Available in double-shell or tube bundle type
  • Possibility to install in single or double stage
  • Easy installation
  • Easy withdrawal and maintenance
  • Extended lifespan