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A creative approach to Glass Plant Engineering

Opportunity Engineering by Falorni Tech to fuel projects and to enhance the potentiality to make them happen.

According to the above and to the assessment on market dynamics, drivers, trends, opportunities, restraints, and competitive insights, invest in glass manufacturing, especially in the glass packaging segment is a good idea. But, an idea alone, even if it’s the best idea, does not mean success for a project. There is no more room for improvisation or a self-made approach: a deep professional method is necessary, technical support based on experience and capability to build since the preliminary stages of the project, the suitable process architecture, and to identify critical issues and critical paths to avoid iterative design phases and to dissipate resources.

Consider the “Opportunity Engineering” within the frameworks of the life trajectory of a potential project is a unique feature offered by Falorni Tech. It helps to shorten the time to market by anticipating time phases, by strengthening the capability to understand the potentiality of a project, by increasing the data available for the Basic and Detailed Engineering phases.

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