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Akcam Cam Plastik İnşaat San, one of the most established private glass factories of Turkey, specialized in the production of tableware soda-lime glass, has entrusted Falorni Tech with its new melting furnace and plant expansion in Pendik, close to Istanbul.

Mr. Biagio Bifano, Technical Manager of Falorni Tech who is in charge of the project, speaks about the contents of the project.

“First of all, I just want to emphasize how significant has been the new project of Akcam because it is a longstanding client of Falorni Tech which continues to consider us as a reliable partner for its business and for its plans to became even more competitive, as the hollow glass market and, especially the Turkish glass industry requires.

We have been working in Turkey for over two decades, we are there two/ three times for months for assisting our Customers or for visiting them, so we can notice how highly developed is the Turkish glass tableware manufacturing in terms of quality and technology.

To Akcam we provided a new medium-size recuperative type furnace. The scope of supply included the complete steelwork and refractory assembly design of the whole furnace melter and the Working End, which has been conceived taking into account the specific product characteristics of the Customer. The works have been challenging and inspiring at the same time because the Customer requested also the reuse of some existing equipment and because the space availability in the factory has been limiting the design choices. As an integral part of the scope, we supplied a complete set of equipment such as the recuperator, the batch charging, and glass level control system, the combustion equipment using the brand-new AQRatio technology with maximum precision in air/gas regulation, which we developed by ourselves and that we manufacture in our workshop in Empoli (Italy).

The AQRatio system is tailored to meet state-of-the-art engineering practices and comply with environmental legislation and regulations. A SCADA supervision system has been tailored and integrated with the equipment supply to enable the easy and reliable operation and, also, full remote supervision capabilities to our technicians for better customer assistance. But, one of the most peculiar features of this new plant is the uncommon configuration of the Working End area in which we have successfully merged together several forming processes enabling the Customer to operate indifferently manual or robot gathering operation together with high-speed feeder forming machines. This design comes from the deep knowledge of Falorni Tech of the Turkish market and can be taken as the main example of how to produce tableware glass with the highest flexibility. We’ve successfully accomplished the project on schedule to the satisfaction of the customer: a few weeks ago we delivered supply with the supervision of our specialized technicians who will conclude the operation on fields in the early months of 2021”.

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